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Dr. Alan Pintaric

Clinic Director & Chiropractor

Dr. Alan is a young, thriving chiropractic doctor full of energy and ready to introduce a variety of wellness treatments that will lead his patients to a healthy life.

When he was 24 years old, while playing professional tennis, Dr. Alan suffered from a back condition which prevented him from continuing. Dr. Borys Chambul, a renowned Canadian chiropractor, treated him and he recovered his health and fitness. Today, he still enjoys playing in the Toronto Men’s League and other championships. “I owe a lot to Dr. Chambul, he not only gave me my health back, but also showed me that chiropractic medicine worked better that anything I had ever imagined. I recovered without the need of undergoing surgery and the actual recovery period was something I enjoyed and learned from. That is why today I want to have the opportunity to show my own patients how good chiropractic care feels and what a healthy solution it is.”

Dr. Pintaric graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic after having a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of De Paul in Chicago. Knowing the importance of the variety of health treatments and how they complement each other, Dr. Pintaric kept setting his goals higher and further with time and attended McMaster University to become certified to provide acupuncture treatments as well. He has also recently taken a seminar about treating scoliosis in order to provide better care to his patients and he is already putting it into practice.

Nowadays he has his own wellness centre, Health Solutions, where he provides his patients with much more that just chiropractic adjustments. His patients are lucky to enjoy complete chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy and they are even encouraged to complete their treatments with physical activity to strengthen their bodies and ensure a definite and long-lasting recovery.

When asked what his goals are, Dr. Pintaric reflects about how he discovered and experienced the benefits of chiropractic medicine, and the states how he wants to pass this on to as many people as he can. “A healthy spine will be the core and source of a healthy life. I want to help my patients feel better, instill in them the need to lead a healthy life, and provide them with the tools to do this. If I can achieve all this at Health Solutions, I’ll be a happy man.”


Rachael Hancock Pettit

Registered Massage Therapist

Bio coming soon!

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